Scrumptious Chocolate & Pear Tarts | Glutenfree * Dairyfree * Eggfree

Chocolate Pear Tart Gluten Dairy Egg free - Vegan - Crostatine cioccolato senza glutine

These scrumptious creamy chocolate tarts have been a real unexpected hit! 
After succeeding in making my gluten/dairy/egg-free version of the Italian “kissing” cookies Baci di Dama, I thought maybe I could use a similar dough to make mini tarts, or actually I was kind of obsessing over making them with chocolate and pear, because I LOVE pear and chocolate together. And I know I’m not alone here.

Baci di Dama – Traditional Italian Cookies | Glutenfree * Dairyfree * Eggfree

Baci di dama - Lady's kisses gluten free vegan

The ideas for my cooking experiments really come at various times and occasions and the inspiration to experiment with these traditional Italian cookies came one day as I was walking (well, running, more like it) to the bus after work and crossed path with a girl coming out of a bakery and munching on these “baci di dama” (= lady’s kisses), as we call them here.


Chocolate cups dairy free vegan gluten free

Hello sweeties and welcome back, or welcome at all if you have just stumbled upon my blog and the weekly experiments and rambling that come with it.
Hope your run-up to the holidays is being as stressless as possible, unlike mine!
I heard that chorus of “yeah right…”. Come here, let me hug you, feel free to vent, you can find understanding here. And chocolate: just saying.
Speaking of which, with this post I’m hoping to give you a quick, pretty and yummy idea for a last minute simple gift.

CHOCOLATE & ORANGE GLAZED BUNDT CAKE | Glutenfree * Dairyfree * Eggfree

Gluten free vegan chocolate orange glazed cake

So here we are with the last of my three ideas for the holidays menu and I won’t hide it: as much as I love the two savory dishes I previously posted (creamy baked pasta and veggie casserole), I couldn’t wait to get to the dessert. 
As it happens pretty much with every meal, that is. Sometime I would have dessert even after breakfast. Yes I’m that bad.
And the fact I love cakes and chocolate and citrus fruits and this one has them all in each bite, might have a lot to do with my  enthusiasm for this recipe too.
But let’s get to chocolaty business, my dear:

CREAMY BAKED PASTA | Gluten free * Dairy free * Egg free

Gluten dairy free baked pasta

Hello again my lovelies and welcome December!

Festivities are on their way and having a food-sensitive boyfriend and also reading comments all over the internet from many many people in his same situation, I have realized more and more how hard it is to enjoy a meal with family and friends, without being worried about the risk of allergic reactions and having to give up on eating something tasty too.

Because, tasty food is something sacred. Right? Can I get an amen?

MY GO-TO CASHEW SAUCE | Glutenfree * Dairyfree

easy homemade cashew cheese sauce

If you’ve been following me for a while, you will know that my free-from cooking experiments come from my wish to make my food-sensitive boyfriend’s eating a bit tastier (and the blog came to share this with you all). He’s been eating dairy-free for years and years, but I too have decided to cut down drastically on dairy products and products containing dairy ingredients, for two reasons: I’ve already known for years that drinking milk is a no-no for me (and that was confirmed this past summer when I had a couple icecream-slushes and felt sick right after, both times) and I wanted to see if my acne-prone skin would go better without dairy and all the hormones in it. And since I saw positive results within a month, I’ve kept going 😉