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vegan gluten free bread recipe

This homemade gluten free vegan bread is super easy to make, soft inside and with a nice crunchy crust outside!

We know all too well that when one finds out about being gluten sensitive, one of the very first things one looks for is gluten free bread. 

As you may already know, I love experimenting with gluten free recipes and throughout the years I’ve shared several wheat free breads like this gluten free buckwheat bread, this gluten free millet bread with olives and one of the most requested recipes, the gluten free yeast free bread.

Only recently I’ve realized I’ve never shared a recipe for simple vegan gluten free white bread with rice flour, super easy and quick to make.

So, since it’s pretty hard to find gluten free bakeries, let’s see how to make gluten free bread at home!

You can use a stand mixer, but I made this recipe without it, so that it can be easily made by everyone with an homemade gluten free flour blend!

As you will see, making this gluten free vegan bread at home is super easy!

It’s soft inside, has a nice and crunchy crust outside and it’s easy to slice!

Besides the great texture and its nice crust, what I love about this gluten free egg free bread is that its smell is basically the same as that of the focaccia bread my mom used to make! Sweet memories 🙂 

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vegan gluten free bread loaf

Gluten free Vegan Bread {Homemade Flour Blend}

This homemade gluten free bread is super easy to make, it's vegan, soft inside and with a nice crunchy crust outside!
Prep Time15 mins
Cook Time40 mins
Resting time1 hr
Total Time2 hrs
Course: Bread
Keyword: bread, gluten free, vegan


  • 180 gr gluten free brown rice flour
  • 200 gr gluten free white rice flour
  • 120 gr potato or other gluten free starch
  • 2 tsp sugar
  • 7 gr active dry yeast (gluten free)
  • 1,5 tsp salt
  • 1 tbsp olive oil
  • 300 gr water (room temperature)
  • (optional) 2-3 tbsp aquafaba (chickpea cooking liquid)


  • In a bowl sift the brown rice flour, white rice flour, starch, active dry yeast and sugar
  • mix well all the dry ingredients 
  • make a well in the center and pour the water, olive oil and salt
  • at this point you can add 2-3 tbsp of aquafaba: it is optional, but it will make the bread softer
  • mix with a spoon first, then – as soon as big crumbs start to form – start mixing and kneading with your hands, incorporating all the ingredients
  • the dough will become compact and uniform within a moment
  • keep kneading the dough for 5-10 mnutes minimum
  • place the dough in a previously greased (with olive oil) loaf pan (or line it with parchment paper
  • cover the dough with a thick cloth and place it in a warm place, for 1 – 1.5 hours. I either let it rest close to the radiator or in the turned off oven with a bowl of hot water next to the dough
  • the dough will have to get double in size (at least)
  • pre-heat the oven at 190°C / 380 F
  • right before baking the bread (NOT before, or the dough will absorb the oil) brush the dough surface with with a little bit of olive oil
  • bake for 30-40 minutes, or anyway until the crust is nice and golden and the toothpick comes out clean, when you insert it into the bread
  • once out of the oven let it cool down at least 15-20 minutes before slicing it
  • store it in an airtight container

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