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Gift Idea: Gluten free, Vegan Choco-Fruit Barks

christmas vegan chocolate bark

Today I’m sharing a suuuper easy edible gift idea, that is very allergy-friendly too!

You will only need some good dairy-free dark chocolate and sugarless sundried fruit (or sugary candied fruit, if you prefer)!

And very simply:

  • melt the chocolate over a double-boiler
  • line a baking tray/ramekins with parchment paper
  • pour the melted chocolate on the tray and spread it evenly with a spatula until you get a 1/3 inch thick layer
  • lay the dried fruit pieces on top, slightly pressing them into the chocolate layer
  • you can also add coconut flakes, nuts (whole or chopped) and anything that might be appreciated by the person who will receive it
  • now cover the tray/ramekins with kitchen plastic wrap (making sure it doesn’t touch the chocolate and fruit inside) and refrigerate for at least 2 hours
  • once the chocolate has solidified again, gently remove it from the parchment paper and place it down again, slightly dusting the chocolate bark with cinnamon powder
  • cut the it bark into pieces of the shape you like: square, rectangular, irregular, big, small, bite-size, etc.
  • you can simply wrap these sweets in some transparent paper and a pretty ribbon, or you can put them inside a nice wood/metal box lined with parchment/colored paper 🙂

gluten free vegan chocolate bark for christmas

Well, I really hope you like this simple but delicious gift idea! Needless to say my favourite pairing is chocolate and citrus fruits and I’m really curious to know which one YOU prefer!

With this recipe I’m also wishing you the bestest Holidays, may they be warm and filled with love and good food!
And may the New Year bring you all the serenity you need and may all your dearest dreams come true 🙂

I also want to use the occasion to thank you. I see more and more readers, both here and on Instagram, appreciating the allergy-friendly recipes I share and I’m very very grateful for this. I love knowing my small contribute can make your free-from diet a bit tastier and easier 🙂

Thank you

Much love from Italy,

Sonia x


Gluten/dairy free dark chocolate
Gluten/dairy free sugarless sundried fruit / sugary candied fruit
(citrus fruits, kiwi, tropical fruit, apricots, ginger, raisins, strawberries, etc)
Coconut flakes/flour, nuts, seeds
Cinnamon powder

For the wrapping
Parchment / colored paper
Transparent paper
Wood/metal box

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