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Easy Lemon & Strawberry Dessert | Vegan * Gluten-free * Corn-free

Gluten free strawberry lemon dessert senza glutine limone



  • Strawberries
  • Brown sugar
  • Lemon juice
  • Vegan gluten-free cake/biscuits (I used a lemon cake I made, recipe in my next post)
  • Soy lemon yogurt (I used Sojasun)

Ciao to all my dessert-lovers!

During these past few years I found out I can’t eat several (raw) fruits because they cause me instant mouth and throat itch and looks like it’s all linked to my pollen allergy, woot woot! Fun times I tell ya.
Apparently and thankfully strawberries are not among said fruits, so I always welcome Spring with open arms for this reason (I’m not that welcoming with pollen though).

Here it is an easy-to-make and tasty gluten- and dairy-free dessert. It’s really simple to make, just try to make it a few hours ahead of serving if you want to get its best taste 😉
I’m not giving exact quantities in this case because I think it’s really up to your own taste.
So first of all cut the strawberries into small pieces, season them with lemon juice and brown sugar and let it rest for at least an hour, so that a lovely  juice will come out of them.
Once they are ready and juicy, you simply have to put all the ingredients one on top of the other in some lovely layers. You can prepare it in glasses or cups, so that portions will be ready to be served and tasted.
So, I started with a couple pieces of my lemon cake (
recipe will be up in my next post), dampened it with some of that lovely strawberry juice, then added a layer of strawberries and after that a layer of soy lemon yogurt. And repeat. As much as you like. You can even reach the ceiling, no judging here, especially when it comes to desserts.
Once you’ve made either your glass, pan or mountain of dessert, refrigerate it for a few hours so that all those flavours come together in a perfect match!

Let me know if you made this simple dessert and what you think of it!

Ciao ciao!

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